What Is Alprazolam?

What Is Alprazolam?

Alprazolam is also known as Xanax. It is a widely recognized medication used to manage sleep disorder, panic and anxiety problems. Several distributors have been approved to promote the drug worldwide. The tablets come in a wide array of shapes and colors, depending on the maker of the generic version of the drug.

Xanax belongs to the family of benzodiazepines, which also encompasses drugs like Restoril and Valium. Just like these drugs, Alprazolam has sedating capabilities, and it has been used for this purpose for the last five decades. At present, more than 3.1 million US citizens are using benzodiazepines habitually.

The United States’ Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) puts benzodiazepines and other substances into five schedules. As you may be aware, Alprazolam is assigned under schedule IV. This implies that it has a relatively low danger of being abused. Schedule IV substances are approved for use by the FDA, and even if they are accidentally abused, the likelihood of difficult problems arising from their use is generally low.

This means that if the drug is taken according to the advice of a professional medical practitioner, the chances of developing dependency or addictions are relatively low. Examples of other substances that fall under schedule IV are Valium, Darvon, and Talwin.

What Is Alprazolam?

Although you may be able to derive several benefits by taking Alprazolam, you need to understand that a number of users are tempted to use the drug for lengthier periods than are recommended by a general practitioner, since they obtain recreational benefits from its use. This has led to further increase in the number of people abusing or misusing prescription drug.

Users who take Alprazolam in the wrong way risk developing dependency on this substance. Dependency is a situation where the body requires extra doses of a substance so as to achieve previous or normal sensations. This happens when the user’s body gets habituated to the effects of a substance, so that lack of the substance at any one time leads to abnormal side effects.

Additionally, individuals who abuse the drug periodically run the risk of getting hooked or addicted to Alprazolam. It is important to seek professional medical help whenever you suspect that you are getting hooked on a drug like Alprazolam.

Be sure to store Alprazolam out of the reach of children and in a secure place free from water or dust. If young children get hold of the drugs and consume them, the results can prove deadly due to the chances of overdose. Always make sure that you be careful when using or storing your drugs. Instructions of your health care provider should be strictly adhered to.

There are a number of drug interactions that are certain to occur if you take the drug with alcohol or other drugs. Some of the key drugs that should never be taken alongside Alprazolam include:

  1. Luvox
  2. Tiazac
  3. Sporanox
  4. Anti-seizure pills
  5. Birth control pills

Always ensure that you contact your doctor if you have questions about the use of Alprazolam.

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